What a week it has been. Last week Wednesday we relaunched our Insiders newsletter and on Friday we published an interview with Jeremy King, former CTO at Walmart Labs and current SVP of Engineering at Pinterest.

This past Monday we let the world know about our new Sustainability Initiative.

Both Brian and I have young families and as parents, it’s impossible not to be awed by climate activist Greta Thunberg who set sail for the Americas on a solar-powered yacht. Her journey, occurring during the height of hurricane season, will take her deeply troubled waters, both literally and figuratively. Her goal -- to prompt the world’s leaders to double down on efforts to curb carbon emissions to ensure future generations have a habitable planet.

Just two weeks ago I published a blog calling out Victoria’s Secret for not having a published sustainability message of its own. You know what they say about what happens when you point your finger at someone else? You have 3 others pointing back at you.

It's our responsibility, firstly as people who live on this planet, but then also as parents, as founders, and as leaders in our ecosystem with an influential platform to set the standard for ourselves now, while our young company is growing.

You can read more about the four pillars of our initiative over on LinkedIn. We want to hear more about your corporate responsibility initiatives in your own companies! Drop us a line at hello@futurecommerce.fm and tell us about your own journey!


💡Read about our Sustainability Initiative here

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We sat down with Sheetz, a family-owned regional chain of convenience stores in the northeastern United States, and Rituals, an European experiential brick and mortar health and beauty brand, to discuss how they’re driving customer experience and lifetime value with, and without, technology. Recorded live at NRF 2019 on the Innovation Stage.

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