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Meet Your Instructors

Orchid Bertelsen

Set the Table: Customer Acquisition

Rethink well-known marketing frameworks and take your marketing organization to the next level with Orchid, COO at Common Thread Collective. Former head of consumer experience strategy at Nestlé USA, Orchid has mastered customer acquisition techniques.

You'll learn how to structure your marketing models to acquire and retain your customers for the long haul.

Mandi Moshay

Set the Table: Customer Retention

After you get your acquisition efforts in line, strengthen your customer retention efforts with Mandi Moshay, Sr. Director of eCommerce at Honeylove. Mandi has worked as a marketing leader in the DTC space for over a decade, both on the agency side and in-house.

Go beyond loyalty programs and flashy marketing campaigns to learn real, sustainable strategies for retaining and building life-long relationships with your customers.

Brian Schmitt

Set the Table: Conversion Rate Optimization

Learn how to optimize your website to increase your sales and provide a better customer experience with Brian Schmitt, Co-Founder at surefoot.

Brian ran his first A/B test in 2003 by hardcoding a randomizer a webpage and sending the data to Webtrends—before Google Analytics existed. You could say he's a pioneer in the CRO world.

In this series, Brian will walk you through processes for determining the right steps to increase your brand's website personalization efforts.

Jon Klonsky

Set the Table: Building Highly Effective Teams

Teams can make or break a company. Sit down with Jon Klonsky, CEO of HaloKinetic as he imparts wisdom from his experiences building teams at the startup and enterprise levels.

In this series, Jon will walk you through easy-to-remember frameworks to apply to your business' operations, how to establish and maintain clear objectives for your teams and how to hire and retain high-performing employees.

Level up your leadership skills and your team with this series.

Rachel Fefer

Jess Goulart

Set the Table: Building an agency Partner Program

Want to build a partnership program but don't know where to start? Join Rachel Fefer, Americas Channel Sales Leader, and Jess Goulart, Agency Partnerships Team Manager at Bloomreach, as they walk through building a Partnership program step by step.

You'll walk away with a deep understanding of partnership programs, how to build a data-driven program, and building tools to ensure success and profitability.

New modules will release quarterly.
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“The humanity of commerce never really makes it to the table for conversation. [Future Commerce] brings that to the surface, the humanness of value exchange. That is what commerce is predicated on.”
Katharine Norwood
VP Global Insights & Innovation at Visa

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New modules will release quarterly.
Subscribe for total access for just $995 (when billed annually).

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