Is That Ketchup on Your Face?

PLUS: eBay Makes $295M Investment in Trading Cards Giant
August 24, 2022

Coming Monday: Step by Step Season 8

No matter how long you've been in the eCom industry, there are terms or concepts that can sometimes be baffling. That's why we created our Step by Step series!

Step by Step is a 5 episode mini-series that is accompanied by a (free!) written guide.

In these episodes we break down complex eCommerce topics into bite-sized chunks that help you:

  • get smarter about eCom tech 🧠 
  • maintain the leading edge in your business⚡️
  • learn the ins and outs of buzzwords so you can be a pro ✍️

We collaborate with relevant partners to share expertise, valuable insights, and tactical tips that you can apply to your business.

This season, we’re partnering with fabric to answer the question: Is headless commerce worth the investment for customer experience? 

Here are 5 questions we’ll answer in this season’s Step by Step:

  1. What is the benefit of headless commerce as it relates to customer experience?
  2. How do I qualify partners and choose the right technologies?
  3. What is the role of data in improving eCommerce experiences?
  4. How can my brand move from having an eCommerce project mindset to a program mindset?
  5. Where is the value in the headless ecosystem?

Keep a lookout on your inbox Monday to be notified of the release. Want to listen to the podcast as soon as it drops? Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on Spotify or Apple.

Don’t Tell Shoshana Zuboff. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was ripped from Idiocracy: those famous doorbells we see all over social media, Ring, recently announced their new show, Ring Nation. The culmination: videos caught on Ring Doorbells and turned into entertainment. Like the Surveillance State meets America’s Funniest Home Videos, narrated by comedian Wanda Sykes. No, it’s not creepy, it’s heartwarming and endearing to normalize surveillance to sell back to you as entertainment!

Trading Cards Got Me Asking: e-Bae? As we’re witnessing the re-ascendency of Pokemon Go and its companion collectible trading cards, eBay announced the acquisition of TCGplayer, a trading card marketplace, to the tune of $295 million. This move shows the increased potential in selling trading cards on the site, and remaining a desirable platform. We covered the return of the pocket monsters in The Senses just two weeks ago.

More Sights & Sounds. MoviePass is relaunching this Labor Day in beta via a waitlist. Walmart has chosen the five beauty brands which will be part of its new accelerator program. MTV is promoting the VMAs with a virtual Roblox experience.

“Into the Sauce” Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty and MSCHF have collabed on a box of six tiny “packets that each contain either ketchup or lip gloss.” It’s the suspense for me. Eat your face off, Emily Weiss. 

  • Our Take: It’s worth noting here that MSCHF is reframed as an “art collective” in the official press release. This isn’t the first time the wanna-be-DTC-badboys have paired with a black artist (Lil Nas X being the most notable), but it is one of the few times that they’ve done a three-way collab. This feels like a product drop, and not a very novel one. Chipotle x e.l.f. is cringier by far, making us wonder if the Dadaist critique MSCHF became famous for is all but lost. Further reading: Dadaism, Maximalism, and The Generational Divide

A Night at the Kithseum. Kith has teamed up with the American Museum of Natural History to create a collection of apparel and accessories that highlight museum collections.

More Touch News. Aesop has partnered with Waldorf Astoria, in the first alliance of its kind for the toiletry brand. And ThredUp now has a hotline for young fast-fashion addicts: 1-855-THRED-UP.

Spicy Collab. Hidden Valley Ranch has partnered up with TRUFF to release an elevated new sauce: Spicy Truffle Ranch. This new savory flavor will be available this month for $25 a bottle on TRUFF’s website.

In-sourcing. Following the many supply chain issues we saw during the pandemic, the U.S. is bringing jobs back to our home soil at a record pace. Some strategists think it will end up being a long-term trend, following stimulus like the $52B Chips Act, which funds building of onshore silicon chip manufacturing in the United States, a stated joint key Defense strategy by the US Defense and Commerce Departments.

The Newest Knowledge Base. A recent survey from CivicScience has shown that TikTok is on the rise as a search engine for young shoppers, though Amazon and Google are still the top platforms.

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