Step by Step

What does it mean to build brands and products that people can’t live without?

Join Ingrid Milman Cordy, as she answers that question and explores what it takes to make brands, products, and services hit the right recipe of connection, relevance, emotional attachment, and, of course, profitability. This is not just another eCommerce or omnichannel series. This is a podcast for human-centric retailers.

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    A Season of Moments
    Don't Ignore Your Fans
    What's in Your Closet?
    Human-Centric Leadership
    The Growth v. Profitability Cage Match
    The Work Love Languages
    Dear Ingrid and Orchid
    Succession IRL
    Fake Relatability
    Old-school vs. New-school
    Millenni-olds and Gen Z-ers
    “Direct With Consumer”: The Power Dynamic Shift from Brand to Consumer
    It's a Wrap
    Creativity and Storytelling
    Community Building & Belonging
    This is Vulnerability, Part 2
    This is Vulnerability, Part 1
    “Metaverse is Just the Internet Now”
    [Bio]hacking Privacy Updates
    Problem-Solving Masochists - AKA Amazon Experts
    The Caring CEO’s People Dilemma
    The False Dichotomy of Brand Vs. Conversion - SEASON 1 FINALE
    "Look Inside Before Looking Outside"
    Trust is a Must
    Mid-season Highlight Special
    Brand is a Loose Term
    Make It Once, Sell It 2,3,4 Times
    Empowering Teams 101
    The Discount Drug
    Toy or Tech?
    Mini Dream Teams
    Can We Stop Being So Dang Binary?!?
    Infinite Shelf Trailer
    Ingrid Milman Cordy

    Meet Ingrid

    • Ingrid is a digital native, equal parts creative and analytical in her approach. She brings over a decade of experience in eCommerce and digital marketing strategy, working on large-scale omnichannel projects for beauty and fashion brands like MAC Cosmetics, Clinique, John Varvatos, Sam Edelman, Ann Taylor/LOFT, and e.l.f. Beauty. After 6 years in eCommerce at The Estee Lauder Companies, she moved to the agency side and oversaw the relaunch of Pepsi’s global loyalty program, through a digital-first lens. She has since transitioned back to the brand side, leading talented teams at Ann Taylor/LOFT and e.l.f. Beauty to achieve triple-digit growth in revenue on both DTC and Amazon businesses. She joined Nuun Hydration in 2020 to head up their Digital Marketing and eCommerce team, and helped lead them through their acquisition by Nestle Health Science in 2021. 
    • She is a well known voice and trend “de-mystifier”  on the topic of eCommerce and digital marketing, appearing on retail podcast Future Commerce as a recurring guest host, as well as a regular speaker at the eTail East/West, NRF, The Retail Coalition, and SXSW conferences.
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