+25 Best eCommerce Podcasts for DTC & Retail: Curated Episodes With a 2024 Playlist

Best eCommerce Podcasts: 25 Episodes for DTC and Retail

What is the purpose of a podcast?

To entertain? Certainly. To inform? Sometimes. To distract and occupy while some other task besets us? Very often, yes.

For business leaders, those standard aims pale in comparison to two extremes: tactical versus world-shaping. At one end, you need to do your job better. At the other, you want to be challenged, inspired, and transformed.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to know where to invest your time.

To help, we’ve curated the best eCommerce podcasts but along with over 25 shows — direct links to every site, Apple + Spotify episodes, ratings and reviews, as well as social accounts.

What Are the Best eCommerce Podcasts? Top 25 for Retail, DTC, and Business Leaders

  1. Future Commerce
  2. eCommerceFuel Podcast
  3. Retail Remix
  4. Unofficial Shopify Podcast
  5. Stairway to CEO
  6. The Jason & Scot Show
  7. Hit Subscribe + The Recap
  8. eCommerce Evolution Podcast
  9. Oopsie Podcast
  10. Ecommerce Conversations
  11. Go to Millions
  12. Ecommerce Playbook Podcast
  13. The Andrew Faris Podcast
  14. Down to Chat (DTC) Podcast
  15. Up Arrow Podcast
  16. Modern Retail Podcast
  17. Limited Supply with Nik & Moiz
  18. Nine Figure Operators
  19. Influencer Marketing Blueprint
  20. DTC Newsletter Podcast
  21. eCommerce Fastlane Podcast
  22. The Ecom Gold Podcast
  23. Ecommerce Influence Podcast
  24. You’re Not Your ROAS
  25. Chew on This Podcast
  26. My Wife Quit Her Job
  27. Masters: Shopify Podcast
  28. Make It Big Podcast

1. Future Commerce

Obviously, Future Commerce is the best eCommerce podcast. From the across the internet, every top-podcast list agrees. Why?

Because Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange mix commerce and culture? Because each episode racks up 5-star reviews? Because its guests are an absolute who’s who of DTC and retail royalty?

Sure. All that and more is what makes Future Commerce the most-popular eCommerce podcast of 2023. But the real secret is that Phillip and Brian were smart enough to hire Aaron Orendorff.

eCommerceFuel Podcast

eCommerceFuel Podcast - Andrew Youderian

★ 4.8 from 307 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.9 from 67 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Andrew Youderian

With a vibrant community of over 1,200 seasoned eCommerce entrepreneurs, the podcast majors on in-the-trenches discussions of digital marketing and running an online business. From finance and inventory to email marketing and organic growth, Andrew and his guests provide wisdom any business owners can benefit from.

Best Episode(s): Deconstructing Beloved Brands & Moat-Building Strategies

Divided into two parts, Matthew Bertulli — CEO of Pela Case and Lomi — (1) deconstructs the modern brand-building playbook followed by (2) how to build a durable moat around your brand’s business model. In addition, he pulls back the curtain on facing near bankruptcy with 100 employees two weeks before Christmas.


Retail Remix (Retail TouchPoints)

Retail Remix - Alicia Esposito

★ 4.9 from 7 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 2 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Alicia Esposito

Technology and customer experience play an increasingly vital role in brand differentiation. Produced by Retail TouchPoints, Alicia plays host to top practitioners, analysts, and innovators … all of whom share a common aim — putting a new spin on shopping.

Best Episode: Crocs CDO Dishes on Digital Innovation

The Crocs’ comeback story is one of digital innovation, strategic acquisition, and building lifetime value. It’s also a story of buying and deploying technology. Crocs Chief Digital Officer, Adam Michaels, dives into the evolution of Crocs’ investments and how that’s catapulted their business to a cultural icon.


Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Unofficial Shopify Podcast - Kurt Elster

★ 4.7 from 253 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 29 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Kurt Elster

For merchants of every level, Kurt covers all things Shopify … but doesn’t limit his scope to Shopify. Some of the most valuable insights focus on the importance of having a strong brand identity, customer experience, using data to drive decisions, experimenting with different marketing channels, and building a team.

Best Episode: Unlocking the Power of Customer Lifetime Value

In his role as a professor at Emory University, Daniel McCarthy has published some of the most influential research about DTC brands in the modern era. His research shapes how markets think; namely, IPO analysis and due diligence. Discover how to calculate CLTV — complete with a downloadable spreadsheet.


Stairway to CEO

Stairway to CEO - Lee Greene

★ 4.9 from 36 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.3 from 6 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Lee Greene

Featuring untold stories exclusively from chief executive officers, Lee’s guests reveal what it takes to climb the winding stairway to success. From creating the right mindset to overcoming challenges, a wealth of knowledge and inspiration awaits listeners wanting the unvarnished truth about career progression.

Best Episode: Cutting up the Clothing Category with Steven Borrelli

Founder and CEO of CUTS Clothing, Steven Borrelli, talks with Lee about his journey growing into a hundred-million-dollar business and creating a new category, “work leisure.” Childhood experiences, how he got his first 1,000 customers, and belief in blind faith punctuate the episode.


The Jason & Scot Show

Jason & Scot Show - Jason Goldberg and Scot Wingo

★ 4.9 from 273 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 18 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg and Scot Wingo

Interviews with industry leaders, deep dives into key topics, and timely news, this podcast is a go-to resource for keeping up with the fast-paced world of eCommerce. Jason and Scot originally served on the Shop.org Board of Directors. The podcasts are equal parts commerce love affair, trending topics … and bromance.

Best Episode: Deloitte Insights’ “Buying into Better”

Kasey Lobaugh is Deloitte’s Chief Futurist and joins Jason and Scot for a rousing discussion on the future of buying. He unpacks their research methodology, shares some wild predictions related to entertainment and the intersection of how we buy, then offers vision into the future of digital goods and services.


Hit Subscribe

Hit Subscribe + The Recap - Recharge

★ 5.0 from 14 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.8 from 5 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Katrina Nguyen and Chase Alderton

Subscriptions represent an under-leveraged retention and acquisition vehicle for eCommerce. Published by Recharge, you might be tempted to think addressing that opportunity is the show’s sole purpose. It’s not. Founders, CEOs, and executives delve into the ups and downs, the “Ws” and the “Ls.”

Best Episode: ChargeX and the Future of Recharge — A Candid Conversation

Podcast and community-building royalty, Kristen LaFrance is joined by Oisin O’Connor, CEO & Co-Founder of Recharge. Major shifts in the DTC industry, personal stories, and the rise + pitfalls of all-in-one platforms are grist for the mill in this widely scoped episode.


eCommerce Evolution Podcast

eCommerce Evolution Podcast - Brett Curry

★ 4.9 from 47 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 2 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Brett Curry

A savvy combination of merchants, vendors, and analysts, Brett mixes what’s new (marketing strategies and best practices) with what’s next (latest trends in the eCommerce industry). Topics vary from tactical guides to broad discussions around economics, science, and mindset.

Best Episode: Why Your Ads Aren’t Scaling and How to Fix It

Winning creative can be brand-defining. Jacques Spitzer’s agency, Raindrop, is responsible for video and ad creative across the DTC pantheon: Dr. Squatch, Native, MANSCAPED, William Painter, Ruggable, Lume, and more. His wealth of knowledge translates into a unique approach Jacques defines as “branded performance creative.”

Plus (not for nothing) OMG’s Brett Curry is a longtime friend of Future Commerce!


Ecommerce Conversations

Ecommerce Conversations - Eric Bandholz

★ 4.8 from 20 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 14 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Eric Bandholz

Close to the longest-running podcast on this list, Eric’s interviews date back to 2018. Having operated Beardbrand for over a decade, every episode is for, with, and by eCommerce operators. From customer acquisition and web traffic to marketing tactics and onsite conversion rates, you’ll hear about success stories as well as dark moments of failure.

Best Episode: Ridge Wallet CEO Aims for $1 Billion Exit

In his third appearance, Sean Frank unveils Ridge’s plans for a billion-dollar sale within three years. Although the episode centers on the power of physical products, the dangers of excessive debt, and the role of pricing in profitability … it culminates in a deeply personal look at Sean’s childhood — growing up with an absent father in a small town marked by death and drug use.



Go to Millions

Go to Millions - Ari Murray

★ 5.0 from 1 rating (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 5 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Ari Murray

VP of Growth at Sharma Brands, Ari’s goal is to make marketing fun. She absolutely does, but not at the expense of mining her guests for powerful go-to-market strategies. Anchored in working relationships with DTC all-stars — like Everlane and Chamberlain Coffee — Ari talks to doers, reverse engineering their success.

Note: Ari + a number of others also appear in our best eCommerce newsletter guide.

Best Episode: Tech Excellence with HexClad’s CIO, Jeff Faber

Dripping with humor and intelligence, Jeff brings surprising liveliness to a normally dry topic: eCommerce technology stacks. On the heels of a site redesign and extensive conversion-rate optimization, tune in for a behind-the-site and into-the-guts exploration … steeped in genuine friendship.


The Ecommerce Playbook Podcast

Ecommerce Playbook Podcast - Taylor Holidy and Richard Gaffin

★ 4.9 from 64 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.8 from 61 ratings (Spotify)

Hosts: Taylor Holiday and Richard Gaffin

Backed by Common Thread Collective’s agency portfolio — as well as its own DTC businesses — Taylor and Richard offer operational guidance on the most pressing macro issues affecting eCommerce. If you’re looking for tough questions answered with data-driven rigor, “The Ecommerce Playbook Podcast” is for you.

Best Episode: 21 Antifragile Ecommerce Tactics (Roundtable)

Resilience is often the key to success. Especially for eCommerce businesses post-pandemic and post-iOS-14. Former host, Andrew Faris, is joined by CTC executives Orchid Bertelsen, Taylor Holiday, and Aaron Orendorff to discuss the seven characteristics of an “antifragile” eCommerce brand + 21 tactics.


The Andrew Faris Podcast

Andrew Faris Podcast

★ 5.0 from 16 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.9 from 39 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Andrew J. Faris

Born from our last entry, Andrew combines short-form, host-only episodes with long-form interviews. A practitioner with deep knowledge and experience in paid media, topics nonetheless range widely: customer acquisition, product-led CLTV, and entrepreneurial storytelling.

Best Episode: With $10M in Revenue and $0 in Ad Spend, Isaac Medeiros Is in a Class of His Own

Mini Katana’s founder turned a YouTube channel into an exploding brand. The best part? He does it all with a handful of freelance writers and editors. And he does it profitably. Discover how Mini Katana puts data to work, how they’re acquiring customers, and how they can future-proof their business against wild swings in the economy.


Down to Chat (DTC) Podcast

Down to Chat (DTC) Podcast - Cody Plofker and Eli Weiss

★ 4.9 from 36 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.9 from 44 ratings (Spotify)

Hosts: Cody Plofker and Eli Weiss

United by friendship and a common employer (Jones Road Beauty), Cody and Eli bring together typically disparate sides of eCommerce marketing: acquisition and retention. Casually conversational and yet immensely useful, Down to Chat covers operators who are building the next generation of consumer packaged goods (CPG).

Best Episode: Social & Influencer Masterclass on Seeding, Content Creation, and TikTok vs. Instagram

Kendall Dickieson joins Season 3 of Down to Chat to talk about the ways that she helps CPG brands become known and beloved. Among other things, she discusses her philosophy around influencer seeding, short-form video platforms like TikTok, and why YouTube benefits from a sound seeding strategy.


Up Arrow

Up Arrow - William Harris

★ 5.0 from 14 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 5 ratings (Spotify)

Host: William Harris

With roots in DTC and B2B, eCommerce and SaaS, brands and agencies … it was only a matter of time until William Harris brought his exhaustive expertise to audio. Currently the founder and CEO of Elumynt, William and his guests span the diverse areas you’d expect from someone whose professional resume boasts names like Nike, Nickelodeon, and Aerosmith.

Best Episode: Using Omnichannel Marketing Strategies With Mark Friedman

Vice President of Digital at Eddie Bauer — plus having led eCommerce at Brooks Brothers as well as Steve Madden — Mark Friedman does not approach the term “omnichannel” lightly. In lieu of shallow buzzwords, the two dive into diversification strategies anchored in finances, lifetime value, and ROI.


Modern Retail Podcast

Modern Retail Podcast - Cale Weissman

★ 4.7 from 64 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.1 from 13 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Cale Guthrie Weissman

Bridging multiple worlds — retail and eCommerce, legacy brands and disruptors, merchandizing and innovation — Cale covers bite-sized retail news (Rundowns) alongside executive interviews. Learn from industry experts and stay ahead of the curve … beyond regurgitated press releases.

Best Episode: Saks CMO Emily Essner on Building a Digital Business Off of a Legacy Retailer

Saks has acquired three million new customers since spinning off its digital business from its well-known stores in late 2021. CMO Emily Essner speaks to Sak’s reorientation of young consumers (digital natives) with sophisticated targeting, search campaigns, live commerce, and loyalty.


Limited Supply with Nik & Moiz

Limited Supply - Nik Sharma and Moiz Ali

★ 4.9 from 122 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 342 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Nik Sharma and Moiz Ali

Two of the most experienced names in eCommerce go behind the scenes to get at the heart of what DTC is really like. Honest conversations about industry moves, autopsies on failed brands, and why they’re investing in certain companies produce a candid perspective you won’t hear anywhere else.

Best Episode: How the President of True Classic Is Disrupting DTC

When both hosts conclude with “favorite episode ever,” you know you’ve experienced something special. Tour-de-force is the only description fitting. President of the fastest-growing DTC brand in history, Ben Yahalom holds nothing back in True Classic’s three-year journey from a $3k investment into a $150M juggernaut.


Nine Figure Operators

Nine Figure Operators - Jason Panzer, Sean Frank, Matthew Bertulli, and Mike Beckham

★ 4.5 from 27 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.9 from 103 ratings (Spotify)

Hosts: Jason Panzer, Sean Frank, Matthew Bertulli, and Mike Beckham

Do four episodes constitute a “best podcast”? Yes … as long as the hosts’ cumulative revenue shamelessly dwarfs all other hosts combined. In the case of Jason Panzer (President of Hexclad), Sean Frank (CEO of Ridge), Matthew Bertulli (CEO of Lomi and Pela), and Mike Beckham (CEO of Simple Modern), the bill fits.

It also doesn’t hurt to have this tagline: “A legendary WhatsApp group rumored to hold the secrets to unimaginable success.”

Best Episode(s): Welcome to the Show & People Cost, Panzerism, AND Asymmetric Risk

Start at the beginning. An illuminating introduction to each host leads into a sprawling conversation about customer feedback, pivoting, authenticity, and scaling. Then — if you don’t have time to binge — jump into episode three, where the highlight revolves around this Panzerism: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Lastly, don’t miss the deep end on interest rates and valuations.


Influencer Marketing Blueprint

Influencer Marketing Blueprint - Taylor Lagace and Cody Wittick

★ 5.0 from 9 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 12 ratings (Spotify)

Hosts: Taylor Lagace and Cody Wittick

If you follow Taylor and Cody on Twitter — and you should — you already know the depth + breadth of their influencer-marketing acumen. The co-CEOs of Kynship leverage every bit of that expertise, bringing their long-form, example-heavy, and “no-stings-attached” methodology to audio life.

Best Episode: Increasing Revenue by Onboarding Ambassadors

As the Director of Partnerships at Caraway Home, Bren Daniel’s influencer marketing strategy has three unique hallmarks: (1) long-term ambassadors, (2) discipline attribution, and (3) channel-specific campaigns. As a bonus, there’s a 2,400-word case study Kynship released packed with real examples.


DTC Newsletter Podcast

DTC Newsletter Podcast - Eric Dyck

★ 4.8 from 26 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.8 from 63 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Eric “DTC Daddy” Dyck

Raw yet professional, Eric’s muti-episodes-per-week feel like the audio expressions of its newsletter namesake — roundups, bonus episodes, and “all killer, no filler.” Past guests have included Ju Rhyu of Hero Cosmetics, Liquid Death’s Hamid Saify, and a two-for-one masterclass in advertising from True Classic’s Ben Yaholom + Meta’s Helen Crossley.

Best Episode: 9-Year-Old from Lily Lou’s Aromas Homeschools Us All

It’s infinitely reassuring that we live in an era where anyone can start a business. Thanks to the internet, you can launch a brand and find scale. That’s what Lily Harper did when she launched Lily Lou’s Aromas; a candles-and-more brand. Seeing a 9-year-old relate to the pressures of entrepreneurship and how she is fearless in getting retail distribution inspires without a drop of syrupy Pollyannaism.


eCommerce Fastlane Podcast

eCommerce Fastlane Podcast - Steve Hutt

★ 4.4 from 380 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.8 from 23 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Steve Hutt

Launched in 2016 by industry veteran and previously Senior Customer Success Manager at Shopify Plus, Steve specializes in the technological ecosystem powering stores with an eye to eCommerce funnels and trends. His frontline position across numerous large sites makes for a wealth of hacks in the best sense of the word possible.

Best Episode: Pulling The Right Growth and Retention Levers for Your Shopify Store

Paul Rogers and Josh Duggan lead Vervaunt, a paid-media agency and eCommerce consultancy helping Shopify-powered brands. The discussion centers on improving efficiencies, profitably growing revenue, and building lifetime customer loyalty.


The Ecom Gold Podcast

Ecom Gold Podcast - Finn Radford

★ 5.0 from 84 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 97 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Finn Radford

Working on the brand side and as a consultant, Finn merges creativity plus operational savvy with an uncommon backbone: eCommerce finance and accounting. Each characteristic comes to life as he pulls lessons from the brightest minds at the forefront of today’s most valuable DTC companies — whether plumbing the depths of design, growth, or balance sheets.

Best Episode(s): Drew Fallon, How to Raise Ecommerce Captial & Behind the $10M Series

Separated by nearly a year, Drew Fallon’s episodes add up to over two hours of DTC financial gold. In part one, he shares his own backstory along with Mad Rabbit’s — spending the lion’s share of his time on the brand’s post-Shark-Tank capitalization. In part two, he returns to delve into every aspect of its recent $10M raise.


Ecommerce Influence Podcast

Ecommerce Influence - Austin Brawner

★ 4.9 from 167 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.9 from 10 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Austin Brawner

Need a break from the hustle-dominated, always-on, “crush-it” culture permeating eCommerce? That’s exactly what Austin delivers — two parts living with purpose, one part generating wealth. Or, to borrow his own words: “This podcast will change your perspective on building a business, and, hopefully, change your life.”

Best Episode: Building a $100MM Brand: The Story Behind Snow Teeth Whitening

Josh Snow, founder and CEO of Snow Teeth Whitening, shares his journey to $100M — particularly, the growing pains of that journey. Of note is his leadership evolution with an eye to the importance of hiring the right people. He also digs into how influencer marketing helped Snow’s growth and his plans for the future.


Infinite Shelf

★ 4.9 from 8 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 4 ratings (Spotify)

Hosts: Ingrid Milman Cordy and Orchid Bertelsen

How do you build brands, products, and services people can't live without? Join co-hosts Ingrid Milman Cordy and Orchid Bertelsen as they explore how to bring together the right recipe of connection, relevance, emotional attachment, and (of course) profitability. Not just another eCom or omnichannel podcast — one for human-centric retailers.

Best Episode: Succession IRL: Mergers, acquisitions, and the dtc midlife crisis

There comes a time when every DTC company hits the pause button and asks, “What’s next?” Cue the Patrick Bateman and Kendall Roy mergers and acquisitions quotes. If acquisition does end up being an option, when you cede power as a founder, will you be happy with what the new parent company decides to do? Will your legacy live on? Join Orchid and Ingrid as they break it down.


Honest Ecommerce

★ 4.9 from 44 ratings (Apple)
★ 3.6 from 5 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Chase Clymer

Shopify Expert Chase Clymer and his guests provide online store owners with honest, actionable advice to increase their sales and grow their business.

Best Episode:

Episode synopsis here


Scaling for Good

★ 5.0 from 34 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 20 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Mike Beckham

Here you’ll get to hang with, Mike Beckham, who started and built a 9-figure insulated drinkware company, Simple Modern… with one simple goal: to give generously. In each episode, Mike breaks down simple principles learned from his journey that can revolutionize your business, organization or just about anything you’re building. Plus, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.

Best Episode:

Episode synopsis here


Archetypes: The Stories Brands Tell

★ 5.0 from 1 rating (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 1 rating (Spotify)

Host: Kristen Vencel

To live in this world we have to engage in the exchange of goods. To thrive we must take on the roles — The Archetypes — that weave our stories together. Brands fulfill purpose, meaning, and belonging for weary travelers along the way. Join Host Kristen Vencel as she interviews each quintessential archetype.

Best Episode: The caregiver's mission

For a customer to have a seamless experience while dealing with grief and trauma requires exceptional service and unbelievable logistics infrastructure. They need care. For the three founders at Titan Casket, Scott Ginsberg, Joshua Siegel, and Liz Siegel, this is core to their story as a brand.


VISIONS By Future Commerce

★ 5.0 from 1 rating (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 1 rating (Spotify)

Host: Phillip Jackson

Visions explores commerce, and its role at the intersection of culture, spirituality, modernity, and the arts. This season on VISIONS will explore the content of VISIONS: Volume IV by Future Commerce. VISIONS is an audio-visual Annual Trends report that examines the changes in culture and commerce and their impacts on the technology industry that serves them. VISIONS: Volume IV took place over three months, from April to June 2023, bookended by two events. We may be biased, but you don't want to skip these.

Best Episode: Where is the Counterculture? On the Rise of the Critic Class

We go live to the first of our VISIONS events at the Celeste Bartos Theater at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, where we'll speak with a panel of modern culture reporters, foresight analysts, and media creators and ask them the question, “Where is the counterculture?” This episode features:


Commerce Famous

★ 5.0 from 5 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 7 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Ben Marks

Commerce Famous is a bi-weekly podcast series seeking to bring clarity and objectivity into the commerce platform space. In every episode, open commerce evangelist and podcast host Ben Marks is joined by guests who live and breathe ecommerce and retail and are therefore uniquely able to offer well respected and at times controversial insights, drawing on decades of experience. While their names and faces might not be recognized on the street, each guest is, in their own right, “famous for commerce”, or: Commerce Famous.

Best Episode:

Episode synopsis here


The Ecomcrew Podcast

★ 4.5 from 293 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.0 from 16 ratings (Spotify)

Hosts: Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant

An eCommerce podcast for store owners, hosted by 7-figure store owners Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant. We cover everything in eCommerce from Shopify, to Amazon FBA. From email marketing, to Facebook Ads. Never before has there been a podcast with store owners who are so candid.

Best Episode:

Episode synopsis here


Chew on This Podcast

Chew on This - Ronak Shah and Ashvin Melwani

★ 4.1 from 11 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 26 ratings (Spotify)

Hosts: Ronak Shah and Ashvin Melwani

Co-founders of Obvi (a bootstrapped $30M supplement brand), Ron and Ash candidly tackle a host of issues: branding, retail vs DTC, product launches, operations … the list goes on. The “digestible” format places a premium on what’s working in their business. And, what’s not.

Best Episode: LTV to CAC — Two of the Most Important Levers

CAC (customer acquisition cost) and LTV (lifetime value) are business-critical eCommerce abbreviations. Unfortunately, they often feel out of our control. After defining both metrics, Ron and Ash outline a handful of practical ways they’re mastering each — as well as combining them to win.


My Wife Quit Her Job

My Wife Quit Her Job - Steve Chou

★ 4.9 from 1.3k ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 46 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Steve Chou

Steve’s wife, Jennifer, quit her job, and together the Chou’s founded Bumblebee Linens. That was in 2007. Today the brand generates seven figures. Each episode features an online entrepreneur who took the leap — going beyond trite, surface-level stories to extract the little details and exact strategies that fueled their success.

Best Episode: How To Market Your Online Store On YouTube

Eric Bandholz of Beardbrand joins the podcast to discuss the opportunities found in marketing your brand on YouTube. He touches on audience growth, creating a media arm of a DTC business, and the challenges around attribution.


Masters: The Shopify Podcast

Masters The Shopify Podcast

★ 4.5 from 359 ratings (Apple)
★ 4.7 from 103 ratings (Spotify)

Hosts: Shuang Esther Shan and Adam Levinter

Whether you’re starting, growing, or scaling your eCommerce store — on or off of Shopify — Masters’ guests run the business-maturity gamut. From creating social media ads to optimizing your website to finding the right supplier, each episode follows the story of a different operator, highlighting both personal and professional lessons.

Best Episode: The Multimillion-Dollar Apparel Brand Created By a YouTuber

Cassey Ho went from YouTube creator to DTC founder. While her channel boasts over 8M subscribers, founding active-wear brand POPFLEX brought new and unexpected challenges. Beset by copycats, Cassey’s breakthrough came from products tailored to her community, like leggings that eliminate “camel toes” or bags with waterproof compartments for dirty gym shoes.


Make It Big Podcast

Make It Big Podcast - BigCommerce

★ 5.0 from 21 ratings (Apple)
★ 5.0 from 6 ratings (Spotify)

Hosts: Leah Spector, Lisa Eggerton, Meghan Stabler & Others

Hosted by various leaders at BigCommerce, this bi-weekly series spotlights marketing experts and eCommerce experts alike. Geared toward store owners and startups, the show nonetheless remains eCommerce platform agnostic by anchoring itself in omnichannel strategies applied through actionable advice.

Best Episode(s): Modern Marketing with Seth Godin & Is Your Business Future-Ready? With Google

Originally recorded at Big Commerce’s Make It Big conference, both episodes fit naturally into an audio-only format. In the first, Lisa Eggerton (CMO) sits down with Seth Godin to distinguish “market-driven” versus “marketing-driven.” In the second, Meghan Stabler (SVP) is joined by Martha Welsh (Head of Strategy at Google Commerce).



Although these podcasts may no longer be publishing, they are worth the listen!

You’re Not Your ROAS

You’re Not Your ROAS - Rabah Rahil

★ 5.0 from 1 rating (Apple)
★ 4.6 from 17 ratings (Spotify)

Host: Rabah Rahil

The flagship of Triple Whales’ expanding podcast network, Rabah’s guest span the online-retail landscape: Rob Fraser on the truth about entrepreneurship, Kelly Vaughn on agencies and apps, Bari Rosenstein on organic marketing, Sean McGinnis on management teams … to name only a few. Don’t let the title fool you. This show is about so much more than paid media. 

Best Episode: The Benefits of Focusing on Content Strategy and Narrative

Experience in the technology, fashion, and cannabis industries shapes Oren John’s advice on a variety of topics: “luxury” marketing, creative strategies, promoting multiple voices, and positioning. At the end, he unloads a speed round on effective advertising methods for eCommerce while maintaining profitability.


The Recap

Hit Subscribe + The Recap - Recharge

Host: Kristen LaFrance

What Is the Best eCommerce Podcast for Retail & DTC Leaders?

Truth be told, the best eCommerce podcast doesn’t exist. 

After all, “best” is a tricky word. So is any ordered list.

The goal of this guide isn’t to lay down an authoritative hierarchy. Rather, it exists to help you achieve the two extremes we began with: tactical and world-shaping.

It’s also why — if we left out your favorite show or episode — please let us know …
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