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  • Exploring commerce and its impacts on the world.

    Weekly eCommerce podcasts on the far-reaching effects of consumerism, capitalism, modernity, and their expressions in DTC, Retail, Marketplaces, and beyond.

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Frequent Flier Free-Agency
The Daring Creator
[DECODED] You Get What You Measure
Pizza Commerce for a Pizza World
Follow the Muse
Consumer Muses & Strategic Innovation
The Relatable Everyman
[DECODED] The Key Roles of Product Development
HalloThanksMas is Upon Us
Dating, Dupes, and “Delulu:” Lovers and Outlaws
The Lighthearted Jester
[DECODED] The Secret to Successful Product Development
Culture is the Future of Commerce
"The Balenciaga Pope"
The Steadfast Hero
"Blimp Commerce"
Bandwagon Bandwidth: Should Every Company Be a Media Company?
The Sage's Wisdom
Barbenheimer: Nostalgia, Retail, Recall, and Relevance
Looking for Love and Meaning in All the Wrong Places
The Way of the Outlaw
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