Teaser: Announcing MUSES: An Archetypes Event at Art Basel 2023

PLUS: Beyond the Wedding Registry
August 2, 2023

Acts of creation inspire us to create in response.

It’s undeniable — art and commerce are joined at the hip. That’s why this year we’re returning to Art Basel for the third time, to present the newest incarnation of our Archetypes series. 

Introducing Muses — an Archetypes exploration of brand by Future Commerce. Brands employ the arts to attract and retain customers, and in turn they become sources of inspiration in the world around us.

This December, we’ll dive deeper into Muses. Save the date - December 6-8, 2023.

[ Get a Sneak Peek at Muses ]

Link: https://www.archetypesjournal.com/muses 

P.S. Our newest series Lovers and Outlaws is getting rave reviews. Writer Melissa Henderson is breaking down the impacts that love, sex, dating, and “coupledom” affect what we buy, and where we buy it. Go beyond the wedding registry this week with our newest series.

The Real World Isn’t So Real. With the rise of AI, has come the rise of larger-than-life faux out of home advertising, or FOOH, but is it already being over-used? This activation by Alexander Wang builds on prior art by Jacquemus and Truff —where both were building on topical moments like Paris Fashion Week or the UAP congressional hearings.

“X” Doesn’t Mark the Spot. In a rebrand whirlwind, Twitter became “X” on Friday, July 28th, and Elon put up a an obnoxiously blinding flashing “X” sign on top of its HQ building without a permit. Nearby residents and even authorities filed immediate complaints, and now the sign has been taken down. This happened days after police put a stop to the removal of the Twitter sign from the side of the building, because workers were blocking traffic and also had no permit.

More Sights & Sounds. After disrupting small booksellers in the 1990’s, Barnes & Noble is now modeling itself to be more like independent bookstores. A new type of tourism is emerging in which younger generations make travel plans specifically to get new tattoos.

Bloob Hottle. Check out this Blue Bottle Coffee x New Balance collab. It’s giving low effort?  It might be worse than the Slack x Cole Haans of 2020.

Nike Studios. Nike and FitLab have partnered together to launch Nike Studios, a set of networked boutique fitness studios focused on training and running, set to open this year. The first locations will open in California.

Two New Ways to Chicken? ​​Chick-fil-A is testing out some new restaurant designs. One is an elevated drive through (as in two-story, not luxury) and the other is a a walk-up concept. The designs will be tested in Atlanta and NYC, respectively.

Bad Blood with Beast Burgers. MrBeast is suing the ghost kitchen company that makes his MrBeast Burgers, Virtual Dining Concepts, alleging that his reputation has been damaged because of the “disgusting” and “indedible” burgers served. VDC has responded saying MrBeast is seeking this “meritless lawsuit” after his bullying tactics didn’t work on them.

Gamefication of Sleep. Two weeks after its release, Pokémon Sleep has been downloaded three million times. It seems to be a huge success apart from some of the weird things you have to do to play/sleep. It requires you to sleep with your phone turned on and laying next to your pillow. And for kids to play, you have to let them have their phone with them in their rooms all night while keeping their screen time controls disabled, as well as giving the app location and internet access 24/7. Also, gaming publications are haiving to urge players not to take sleeping pills so they can earn more Pokémon faster.

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