The Disney HENRY Vacation Package

Gas up the PJs kids we’re going to Anaheim
June 29, 2022

Welcome to Wednesday, futurists. Scroll to the end today for your next remote work haven and a special playlist for summer vibes.

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

The Real Disney Princesses of Beverly Hills. As if their $5000 Star Wars hotel wasn’t enough, Disney announced a $110,000 ultra-luxe vacation package this week that has already sold out. Eat your heart out, HENRY: the all-inclusive vacation includes private jets to Disney Parks and other ports of call, 40 meals, across 6 countries, in 24 days. This offering isn’t helping the claims that Disney is for the ultra-rich now. Still cheaper than a Bored Ape.

Leadership Shakeup. Bed Bath and Beyond has fired its CEO and named Sue Gove as the interim CEO. In their press release, the company announced the “significant changes to the Company's senior leadership” based on company performance and challenges from macroeconomic conditions.

More Sights & Sounds. The CEO and co-founder of Pinterest is stepping down; the former Commerce exec from Google, Bill Ready, will be taking his place. StockX has laid off 8% of the company’s workforce. Snapchat has a new paid subscription service called Snapchat+, offering “exclusive, experimental and pre-release features.”

Furbaby Fashion. Gucci has released a pet collection intended for “good boys and bad bitches.” Now your stunning, gorgeous dog can poo into a $460 Gucci bag after stepping in their hand-painted porcelain water dish.

Just Say No. Thredup is taking to social media and even text messages to try to get shoppers to boycott Shein’s newest pop-up shop, and avoid fast fashion.

The Latest Ice Cream Scoop. If you’ve been reading along since last year, you’ll remember that Ben and Jerry decided they would stop selling their ice cream in Occupied Palestinian Territory. It caused some uproar, as Unilever bought the ice cream company from them, with the agreement that the board would still operate independently and hold decision making rights. After extensive back and forth, legal action, and finally new arrangements, Unilever will once again continue to sell Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream across Israel and the West Bank.

Going out quietly. Butler Hospitality, a ghost kitchen company that served hotels, quietly shut down in May, after raising over $32 million in funding last October.

The Best is in the Midwest. Apparently out of every city in the world, Kansas City, Missouri, ranked as the #1 place for remote workers. This Midwest city beat out Vienna, Austria and Copenhagen, Denmark, among others.

Editor’s note: Disclaimer - 4 of our esteemed colleagues at Future Commerce are located in Missouri. Implicit biases may be at work here.

This Week’s Playlist. Our playlist this week is this group of jams brought to you by… Linkedin Spam. Enjoy.

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