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There’s No Bones in Heaven

PLUS: Mark your calendars…
December 7, 2022

We’re still reeling from our Archetypes launch last week, futurists! So we’ll keep it brief. 

Save the date: you’ll be able to buy our limited edition Archetypes Journal, as well as a short run of branded merch. It will go live at this Friday at 5pm EST.

For a brief recap of our how our small team of ten brought art and commerce together for a one-night-only launch event at Art Basel, check out this writeup on Insiders.

Immediate Closedown. Wireless Advocates, is now wire-less. The company that ran cellphone kiosks at Costco has abruptly shut down and 1,800 workers were laid off right before the holidays. The company’s website appears to have been taken offline as well. 

The State of CPG. NielsenIQ has released an eBook on the outlook for emerging CPG Brands in 2023 to approach the complicated current market. Items in the report include The state of inflation and cost-of-living issues, shifting consumer behaviors, ESG efforts, and omnichannel growth. So… the same as last year.

More Sights & Sounds. The DTC to retail exodus continues: Wyze vacuums have been introduced at Walmart. Coca-Cola is getting film-making… Christmas movies to be exact. Chick-fil-A continues their third year of short holiday films. In the most recent episode of The Simpsons, Bart is running an illegal scam on Roblox. It seems that the only thing scarier than TSwift suing you is a bunch of Swifties suing you — 26 plaintiffs are filing a class-action lawsuit against Ticketmaster following the Eras Tour debacle. And finally, MrBeast may feed you to his fans for $10,000.

Out of The Ordinary. Skincare company The Ordinary is anything but. In a statement explaining their decision to discontinue their foundations and concealers they published a full explainer as to why — they love the products and they believe in them, but they didn’t reach a wide enough audience to be profitable. This kind of consumer transparency pleases our hearts.

Fast Fashion Fame. Shein’s new resale platform has left shoppers a little confused when looking for simple items, and left others raising eyebrows about their actual care level for the environment amidst controversies. Nonetheless, the fast fashion brand is easily becoming the most popular brand on earth. Sheeeeesh.

Bev Talks. BevNET’s list of 2022 Bests is out, and Ghia Le Spritz Lime & Salt made one of the best new products. And while we’re on the subject of beverages, have you noticed how many canned beverages have the word “water” on the packaging, when they are actually boozy spirits? Making appearances at BevNet’s annual conference were Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Chamberlain.

All Dogs Go to Heaven. Not All of Them Have Bones. The hardest working dog on TikTok can rest for one last time. Noodle, the “No Bones Day” pug, passed over the weekend as the nation collectively mourns his passing. He transcended social media AND commerce, selling merch and Christmas sweaters, and publishing a book. This pug had some serious bones for not having any bones most of the time. Enjoy your comfy mountain in heaven, sweet prince.

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