PLUS: U.S. House of Jordans
June 28, 2023


Tomorrow we release VISIONS: Volume IV — a new way of seeing trends report.

This report is the result of 20+ collaborators working tirelessly to entertain and inform you of the future of this thing we do in commerce.

These modern prophets — artists, writers, poets, operators, founders, doctorates — foresee the world that will be.

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PS. If you live in Seattle, join us tomorrow for an eCommerce meetup on the water! Enjoy happy hour and catch up with Brian and our friends at Tydo. Can’t wait to see you there!

PPS. Our latest episode of Archetypes came out today! We had the pleasure of talking with “Magician” Keely Copeland, Founder of Second Chance Initiative, about building a brand that was about solving a problem that’s bigger than her. She saw a need, dreamt of a way to meet that need, and built a brand that brought hope to not just consumers, but also the women involved with the creation of their products. Listen to her story of addiction, sobriety, and the spiritual journey that made her the magician she is today.

A Place to Connect. Amazon Web Services’ is amping up its AI accelerator with the addition of a $100 million Generative AI Innovation Center. The center is part AI sandbox, part tutoring service, and is meant to be a connection point between customers and data scientists, strategists, and engineers.   

Tech Transparency. New research reveals that most (80%) of Google’s ads on third-party sites violated the standards it promised, though Google contests these claims.

More Sights & Sounds. Apparently, Apple TV's new marketing move is to release full episodes on Twitter. Lalo’s co-founders have launched a new Shopify B2B fulfillment app called, Full Fill. Brett Taylor, formerly of Salesforce and Google, is joining Shopify’s board of directors. Shopify’s CEO Tweeted that Canada's tax authority (the CRA) has asked for the past 6 years of records for all Canadian Shopify stores. Internet trolls have been leaving a swath of reviews on the Amazon listing for the Logitech controller that was used in the Titan submersible. OpenStore has launched a new marketplace.

Copyright Allbirds

Shooting their Moonshot. Allbirds unveils their net zero carbon shoe, the M0.0NSHOT, with a downloadable PDF "playbook" for other brands to follow. It’s 10 pages of content, plus title pages, credits, and methodology how hard could it be?

You'd think they could have spent more time making shoes that people could coordinate with an outfit?

Heelys on The House Floor. U.S. Lawmakers held their first Congressional Sneaker Caucus as a way to start a conversation around updating the House dress code, and they all showed up and showed off in their bipartisan Jordans.

More Touch News. One woman did an experiment on TikTok in which she left a gap in her boyfriend’s wardrobe and noticed that day after day, he always chose a shirt from either side of the gap, rather than choosing from the rest of his closet, which behavioral experts call “nudge theory.” And a Barbie Dream House has popped up in Malibu for people to book on Airbnb.

Major Updates. DoorDash announced the release of its biggest update since it began 10 years ago. New features include multiple carts, universal search, and online SNAP/EBT payment options, among others.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Americans May Be Idiots No More? It seems the travel industry may actually love Americans because of our spending power — especially as countries are working to recover from the Covid tourism lull. Americans abroad tend to spend more on dining, hotels, and tours than travelers from other countries.

The Stress of NOT Spending. One couple retired early after joining the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement, says that the frugal lifestyle required for it feels like more stress than its worth. It seems being cheap has its limits.

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