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The New Formal | Insiders

Insiders #046: The New Formal. Phillip Jackson. July 19, 2020. The smell of marijuana. That pungent, foreign, and intoxicating smell.

The New Formal (Education) | Insiders

Insiders #049: The New Formal (Education). Phillip Jackson. August 16, 2020.

LIVE: "The Modern Content Marketing Stack" with Ash Read of

Ash Read joins us to talk about his site launch of, "The New Formal", how he's building a modern stack with Webflow, and where he believes the opportunity

YouTube is the Modern Museum

These types of long-form essays are the norm in Youtube where algorithmic views and monetization hinge on having engaged viewership for extended lengths of time.

Decoded: How to Buy Software Well | Future Commerce

Formal RFP processes create a lengthy and expensive buying process, so eCommerce companies are more open today than ever before to the idea of composable commerce

Guruism and Brand Critique

This style of critique is venturing towards formal Criticism.

Build Your Own House | Insiders

So far, remotely done power and glory—as via government, big business, formal education, church—has succeeded to the point where gross defects obscure actual gains

Are Vending Machines the Solution to Retail Organized Crime?

Meanwhile, some are predicting that more formal office attire will make a comeback, as a sign of status and gainful employment. The signal?

The Mall Curio Shop, Pewter Wizards, and Finding Product Market Fit

Flo Crivello. points out that WFH tools like Zoom and Slack still struggle to strike the balance on efficient formal and informal interactions.

Livestream Shopping is Overrated

What the consumer will need to shift buying modality is to be awed: But what customers want is not a form of entertainment.