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Is Magento “Cheugy”?

Liking things that are past their prime finally has a name
April 30, 2021
Pikacheug. By Chris Harry.

“Cheugy” (ch-oo-ghee) is the word you never knew you needed. Described by TikToker WebkinzWhore in a post from March 30, “you know it when you see it.” When something is cheugy, it follows an out-of-fashion trend.

👖 Skinny jeans are cheugy, given the rise of leisurewear in the post-pandemic era, and the CEO of Levi’s declaring that demand for wider-legged styles signal we’re “at the beginning of a new denim cycle.”

🛍 Blands are totes cheugy. The ‘millennial’ aesthetic — serif font, dusty pink, overpriced.  The usage of “totes” was probably cheugy, too.

⚡️👓 Your love for Harry Potter. Cheugsville. Yeah, we’re starting to sense a theme here.

Guy Fieri, cheugy. Dropbox, cheugy. Magnolia, word art, farmhouse decor, Joanna Gaines, cheuga cheuga choo choo.

And eCommerce platforms? Magento is the cheugiest of them all. Earlier this week, Adobe Summit featured celebrities Serena Williams and Dan Levy, and 400 digital sessions, unveiling their new plan to deliver a full ecosystem of solutions that straddle Customer Experience, Commerce, and Employee Experience, as well as MarTech and operations. 

It’s an ambitious goal, to be sure, and it’s going to take an ecosystem of implementers to make it happen. Those integrators have to deliver across more than 20 discrete software suites if they’ll actually succeed in “end-to-end” Commerce. 

And that’s where we pick up in this week’s Future Commerce Podcast, available wherever podcasts are found. 

Wait. Are podcasts cheugy??

Additionally, Phillip gave a whiplash recap of the announcements on the Rolled Up Podcast with Lucas Walker.

@doctorow on Twitter

Mickey’s minions play dirty. Disney tries to stiff Allan Dean Foster, the beloved author of Star Wars and Aliens novels, claiming that in their acquisitions of Lucas and Fox, they only really wanted the assets, but not those icky liabilities, such as paying artists for their work. After trying (and failing) to negotiate with Disney privately, Foster’s agent and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have teamed up with multiple other author coalitions to launch #DisneyMustPay.

Velebs go mainstream. Netflix is launching a show that won’t air on Netflix and whose host isn't real. The new anime series hosted by VTuber N-ko will air weekly on YouTube and is all part of a strategy and identity shift in Netflix to take advantage of the synergy they can create working with YouTube, rather than against it.

More Sights and Sounds. Walmart and Kanye argue over who owns rights to the asterisk as a logo. Taxjar gets acquired by Stripe. Allbirds meets with banks in plans to go public, timeline unknown. DTC veteran, DTC Twitter fam Zeeshan launches Space. And as more people get internet famous, “As seen on tiktok” is becoming this generation's “As seen on TV.” This begs the question… who will be the next Billy Mays?

New life for deadstock. LVMH launches Nona Source, a platform to sell deadstock fabric in an effort to reduce waste, a long lamented issue in the fashion industry. Textile engineer and co-founder of Nona Source, Marie Falguera, hopes to give young fashion designers access to beautiful, high-quality fabrics that would likely otherwise be unattainable.

Photo: Domino’s Pizza

Future Pizza. Dominos and Nuro collab on a pilot program using driverless robotic delivery cars. Soon we’ll be saying farewell to tipping the delivery person, at least when we order from Dominos. On a serious note, though… does the Dominos driverless delivery truck remind anyone else of R.A.L.F from Flight of the Navigator (1986)?

“A Party in my Mouth”. Our friend Mark Johnson just launched his new brand, Zesti, a smorgasbord of small-batch sauces made from real fruits, veggies, and spices. We’ve all officially been invited to “take a taste of the euphoria” via such flavors as Windy City Sauce: Chicago-Style Hot Dog. Yum.

Yes We Can. Kan Opnr is a glorious send-up of the venture-backed DTC millennial single-brand product. Follow the whole thread.

Gone in 60 Seconds. This May, a true National Treasure is coming to Rally — it’s 80,000 shares of a copy of the Declaration of Independence. We’ll just go ahead and say what we’re all thinking: “I’m gonna steal it. I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence.”

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