Nine by Nine, Peloton Goes Private Label, Starbucks x Meetup

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September 10, 2021

We’ve returned to our defaults. Big retailers like Best Buy, Lowes, and Home Depot have experienced explosive digital growth, but as shoppers begin to venture out into the IRL, digital teams are beginning to feel the pinch.

This year’s Nine by Nine Report will explore the nature of a customer who has returned to brick and mortar. What does she find? For one, more direct to consumer brands on the shelf than ever before. She also finds an explosion of private labels occupying an ever-growing amount of space. When she does shop online, she’s faced with a bevy of less-than-ideal experiences by brands of all sizes.

How do we navigate, and what can we expect? Find out in our biggest, most valueable report we’ve ever produced at Future Commerce.

Get an advance copy of the report ahead of the launch next week.

Cashing in on COVID. Now that sales on reusable masks have slowed, businesses are finding other ways to profit from pandemic-specific goods. Enter: vaccination card holders. Etsy makers have begun listing such items, as well as other clothing businesses are working to make sure we are vaccinated, but with style.

Look good while working out with your cat. Show your Peloton Pride outside of your living room. Peloton has announced the release of it’s private label company, diving further into a highly competitive space.

Blind Coffee Date. Starbucks has partnered with Meetup, an app geared towards helping people emerge from their caves and back into the world with the promise of friendship. My question is, can I get coffee with the Starbucks mermaid or…?

Death and delivery app taxes. NYC is being sued by Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats after the City Council passed a permanent fee cap of 15% for third-party deliveries. The trio called the cap an “extreme measure” and indicated it would harm both restaurants and couriers. They filed a similar suit against San Francisco in July. Funny, since we just wrote about this a few weeks ago:Chomp is taking over Iowa City. The food delivery co-op owned by local restaurants is inching GrubHub out of their market and even pays drivers a fair wage. Restaurants are benefiting as well because the fees are half of what they were with GrubHub.

The Hunger Games, but make it Philanthropy. CBS has a new reality series premiering in October where activists can team up with public figures to promote their causes and be the most activist-est. The most popular cause person will pitch their important message to world leaders in Rome at the G20 Summit. In the words of our Creative Director, “Man, this is exhausting.”

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