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Off-Brand Apple Heists

PLUS: The Rise of Earth Grandmother and Sammie Grammy’s
April 12, 2023
[Photo: Walking Room]

Walk It Out. Why have a treadmill that only one person can fit on when you can make the whole room a giant treadmill that everyone can fit on? This is the question an office building in Amsterdam answered for us all when they upgraded one of their office rooms to a big standing treadmill desk situation. There definitely isn’t any scenario in which this could go terribly wrong.

Ocean’s Two. In a very “we-grew-up-watching-Spy-Kids” move, two burglars broke into an Apple Store’s back stockroom after hours by tunneling through a neighboring store’s bathroom wall. The duo allegedly made off with $500,000 in iPhones.

More Sights & Sounds. Walmart plans to increase its investment in robots and eCommerce over the next 5 years to as much as 95% of its capital expenditures. Apple is working hard to keep its retail locations from unionizing. GM is moving away from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, in favor of Android Automotive — time will tell if this decision will stick. Lofi Girl has a new friend, Synthwave Boy. Have you ever considered the environmental cost of mining Bitcoin? — this NYT article dives into the subject. And finally, please enjoy these 700 words on Shiv's ponytail.

Come On, Eileen. Eileen Fisher, that is. The classic brand is back because Gen Z is a huge fan of its sustainability and earth-grandmother vibe.

A New Kind of Sneaker. Jeff Staple is leading a charge to take on "big sneakers" via The Proto Collective. The U.S.-based responsible sneaker brand is lead by a nearly all BIPOC team and is attempting to break into an industry ruled mostly by white men.

More Touch News. Midjourney is providing meditative Gucci lookbook experiences.

Heroic Treatment, No More. During the pandemic, we hailed delivery drivers as heroes of the day. They helped life seem still somewhat normal. But those days are gone. And delivery drivers are struggling to make do as customer tips continue to diminish.

The Sammie Grammy’s. With warmer weather approaching, we thought you might enjoy this guide to the best ice cream sandwiches.

30 Serving 30. A trend is emerging. Multiple movers and shakers who end up on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list also end up serving jail time for fraudulence and criminal charges. Tech entreprenuer Chris Bakke tweeted:

The Forbes 30 Under 30 have collectively raised $5.3B in funding. The Forbes 30 Under 30 have also been arrested for frauds and scams worth over $18.5B. Incredible track record.

Sidebar Junk. Data is finally shows what we all suspected. Products advertised on social media in generally are just junk with exorbitant price tags. And here is the research to back it up.

Cover Image: Photo by Jimmy Jin on Unsplash

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