“That’s a Great Collab”

PLUS: Karate Kick Your Very Own Robot
May 24, 2024

Welcome to Friday, futurists. 

What makes a great collaboration? This week, our longtime ‘friend of the pod’ Emma Apple Chozick joins us to discuss the power of the ‘brand collaboration,’ and how brands benefit through the collective power of their audiences.

Emma’s journey in content creation on TikTok has led to the creation of a new advisory and consultancy. But you don’t need to work with Emma to get the deets on what makes a “gr8 collab”—in short, it comes down to six key areas:

  • Thoughtful. Ensure collaborations are meaningful and genuine, rather than just attempts to get press.

  • Audience Alignment. Align the audiences of both brands to maximize the collaboration's impact.

  • Cultural Relevance. Engage in innovative, culturally relevant collaborations to stand out.

  • Mutual Benefit. Ensure both brands benefit through expanded reach, enhanced credibility, or unique creations.

  • Execution. Execute and present the collaboration effectively, using events and activations to engage audiences.

  • Long-term Focus. Build long-term relationships and brand equity, being strategic about monetization without compromising authenticity.

The interview is timely. So many of this week's news items revolve around the power of partnerships for the modern commerce and brand marketer, and the longer collaborations take to manifest, the less relevant they are. Walmart Realm and Roblox’s Walmart Discovered are great examples—collaborations with creators are the crux of the experience. For brands like Walmart, a collab is an opportunity to build a new channel and flex the brand into higher-end, or younger, echelons.

“Everyone wants to know who they're going to get in front of when they do a collaboration,” says Emma in our interview. “You want it to be beautiful, but at the end of the day, time is money too.” 

Listen to our deep dive into what makes a collaboration truly great on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

— Phillip

P.S. “That’s so European!” Eurocentrism is the ‘easy button’ when it comes to nostalgic marketing. As the seasons turn to summer, digital creative seems to turn as well. Angelica Frey writes for Insiders about the cultural captivity of commerce in nostalgic marketing. Read the deep dive on Future Commerce Insiders.

Image generated using Midjourney

“Asset Protection Associates” Under Scrutiny. Florida shoppers face a legal grey area regarding their obligation to stop for receipt checks at store exits, a common practice at stores like Walmart. Price clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club may be in the clear, however, due to the terms and conditions that shoppers consent to in their memberships.

DTC Fashion Insights. Frequent Future Commerce collaborator Alex Greifeld has launched a newsletter for those in the DTC apparel and fashion verticals. DTC (fashion) Decoded is a bi-weekly newsletter that delivers the same no-nonsense ‘hot takes’ that come from Alex’s decade-plus experience in delivering strategy for paid acquisition and conversion in the industry.

Image credit: Bumble

Don’t Bumble This. Bumble announced its intention to acquire community-building app and Slack competitor, Geneva, to enhance its focus on “friendship formations.” Continuing its campaign to expand out of dating-centric relationships to friendships and professional communities, Geneva is the once-and-former host of several eCommerce and DTC-centric communities from the pandemic era; including the vibrant community of Snaxshot, as well as the now-defunct Sharma Brands and Pattern Brands Geneva Groups.

Image credit: McDonalds

Grandma McFlurry-core? Pictures from “And Just Like That” Season 3 have begun to surface, and the fashion press has thoughts. “Carrie Bradshaw's fashion evolution has shifted from quirky Italian Vogue looks,” says WaPo fashion writer Rachel Tashjian Wise. In a post on X, Tashjian Wise compared the look to the new limited-time “Grandma McFlurry” from McDonald’s.

Image credit: Unitree

A Robot Buddy You Can… Karate Kick? Unitree's $16K humanoid robot offers an intriguing mix of companionship, security, and novelty, with potential uses that will most certainly result in content that you’ll wish you could unsee. The lengthy demo of Unitree’s robot featured household duties, human interaction, and even defense.

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