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PLUS: “Walmart, Peacock, and AI Walk Into a Bar…”
November 8, 2023

Welcome to Wednesday, futurists. 

First upI can’t believe it. With still thirty days left to go, hundreds and hundreds of people are signed up to attend our kickoff event for this year’s Future Commerce activation during Art Basel. Join us to experience MUSES together. RSVP today to save your spot in line.

I’m so excited because our biggest announcement ever in the history of Future Commerce is finally here.

Introducing Future Commerce+ and Future Commerce Learning

Two levels of access. Endless possibilities for your future.

Access our one-of-a-kind research, priority invites to our industry-defining events, exclusive content, and much more. Subscribe now to see around the next corner.

Today we unveil two huge improvements to our growing brand of media for eCommerce and retail operators.

Firstly, we’re proud to bring you our new premium content offering: Future Commerce+.

This monthly subscription will deliver ad-free episodes and bonus ‘after dark’ editions of the Future Commerce Podcast, priority invitations and access to our events, a first-look at our newest research and insights, and discounts on print publications and merch.

Our first edition of Future Commerce After Dark will arrive in a new private feed, only for subscribers. We’ll make After Dark episodes available for subscribers from time-to-time, and teasers will appear on the main feed going forward.

In the weeks to come, you’ll also see some changes to the website to reflect the value of this offering. But you can get started today for just $20/month. Cancel anytime, no questions asked. 

Future Commerce Learning is a brand-new e-learning video series hosted by experts Orchid Bertelsen, Phillip Jackson, and Brian Lange.

Upskill, cross-skill, and future-proof your teams with our fun and entertaining series, Set the Table — a new offering for retail and eCom operators by Future Commerce.

Created by professional educators, Future Commerce Learning is the only long-form e-learning series for retail and eCommerce professionals backed by a powerful LMS (learning management system), in-depth study guides, and knowledge checks along the way.

With over fifteen hours of deeply-researched, experience-backed instruction, your team will gain the insights you need to see around the next corner. 

Three courses are already available:

  • Set the Table: Conversion Rate Optimization (with Brian Schmitt, CEO of Surefoot)
  • Set the Table: “Death to the Funnel”: Rethinking Customer Acquisition (with Orchid Bertelsen, COO of Common Thread Collective)
  • Set the Table: Uplevel Your Customer Retention (with Mandi Moshay, Sr. Director of eCom & Retention)

Two more courses are coming in just two weeks’ time: 

  • Set the Table: Building High-Performing Leadership Teams (with Jon Klonsky, Co-founder of Something Digital)
  • Set the Table: High-Growth SaaS Channel Partnership Programs (with Rachel Fefer, Jess Goulart)

Thanks so much to our partners at Bloomreach for making Future Commerce Learning possible.

We need your help. Building and growing our business has been our sincere honor and privilege, and we’re able to do so much more with your partnership.

The future is bright, and with Future Commerce+ and Future Commerce Learning, we’ll be able to serve you even better. 

— Phillip & Brian

P.S. We just wrapped up our second season of Decoded! Episode five goes deep into the changing nature of the cart, and how our perspectives around testing take on similar patterns to the way we build categories and merchandise in the retail world. Listen to Episode 5 “Additive to the Cart: CRO Decoded” on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

P.P.S. “Pleasure” is a damn fine brand purpose. Are brands “post-purpose?” Guest essayist Alexa Lombardo lays out the case for why Unilever’s most recent announcement may have us rethinking how brands engage in culture and causes. 

Read Insiders #158: Are Modern Brands “Post-Purpose”?

Sights & Sound. Shopify bags Banana Republic Home eCom build before holiday sales push. TikTok Shop becomes a hub for peddling cheap products. Barbenheimer film satirizes 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer' in low-budget comedy.

Touch. Dirt likens fast fashion to a casino where the house always wins. Speaking of which, Shein eyes $90 billion valuation for US IPO.

The Palate. The utopic origins of Erewhon and their $200 smoothies. Garbage Day’s Ryan Broderick comes for MrBeast.

The Sixth Sense. Shopify is going to compete against the big tax players. Klarna shows surprising Q3 beat results, signaling IPO readiness. Walmart, Peacock, and AI walk into a Bar… and collaborate on AI shoppable ads. Barstool Sports opens $20 million content factory. And, our favorite story of the month: miniature online orders surprise unsuspecting shoppers.

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