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What Is This, A Deodorant For Ants?

PLUS: Noma is No More, The Rise of the Social Omnivore, and Prime Expansions
January 11, 2023
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Prime Expansions. Amazon is expanding its "Buy with Prime" button service to non-Prime customers, allowing them to purchase items with a single click, with the option to sign up for a Prime membership. The button will be available on product pages for eligible items and will feature a quick purchase process with pre-filled shipping and payment information. The feature is set to roll out in the coming weeks.

AI News. Microsoft is discussing incorporating its OpenAI chatbot into Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. This could really change how we communicate in everyday work communications. Microsoft also announced a new AI speech model called VALL-E which could simulate a person’s voice with a realistic emotional tone from only a 3-second sample.

More Sights & Sounds. TikTok is testing some sleep reminders for users, after complaints of hours lost to the platform. A mom found her daughter in Roblox to tell her to defrost the lasagna for dinner. Amazon stores are making cuts to their staff showing a rocky start to 2023. Roland released their 50th anniversary piano and it comes with drone speakers that fly. Salesforce’s CEO led an all-hands meeting filled with rambling and employees cried out on in company slack channels, leading to another exec apologizing. Flexport has named Teresa Carlson, a former Microsoft, and Amazon exec, as its new chief commercial officer. Wyre, a crypto payments company, is likely on the verge of a shut down, according to reports. Sony’s newest patent illustration is getting made fun of. Also, this article breaks down Walmart’s drone delivery service in 2022.

What Is This, A Deodorant For Ants? Glossier is branching out into deodorants — a new product category for the brand. It’s apparently for sensitive pits, as well as vegan and cruelty-free, and noticeably… small.

A Fond Farewell. Noma, a famed Copenhagen restaurant rated the best in the world, will close its doors. Chef René Redzepi says the model is unsustainable and will focus energies on Noma Projects, a food laboratory. 

Meat’s Back on the Menu. A new style of eating is emerging, known as the social omnivore. These at-home vegetarians stick to meatless diets when alone, but when they are out with family and friends, indulge in meat to enjoy the communal aspects of eating.

Cracking the Code. Researchers in China released a paper last month saying they had cracked encryption algorithms with the use of quantum computers. While this has left some people concerned, others believe it to be nothing more than a giant hoax.

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