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The free twenty-page companion guide to Decoded Season 3

This season on the Decoded podcast, we’ve been exploring the lives of prolific thinkers—mathematicians, philosophers, poets, inventors, and metaphysicists—people whose contributions to science and mathematics have left a lasting impression on the world. 

What were their common traits?

  • They developed their intuition.
  • They observed other disciplines.
  • They were pragmatic in their methodologies.
  • They were polymaths who mastered multiple disciplines.

Getting outside the realm of your expertise expands your horizons and helps you to see the world differently. As a modern marketer in digital commerce, you may have felt the tug to expand your horizons.

So we’ve put together a twenty-page guide to do just that for you—available for free, no gate—covering the principles of prodigy from these overlooked intellectual giants. 

Decoded Season 3 and the accompanying guide are sponsored by our friends at Fermát Commerce, who are changing how we think about eCom websites.

Grab the guide and thank them for their generous support of Future Commerce.