Another full week here at Future Commerce! I love to see the future realized and last week’s interview with Mizzen+Main and Drapr is such a perfect window into the next generation of tech being applied by the next generation of brand. Future Commerce has been talking about body data and virtual try-on for three years now, so it’s great to see a real-world example in action.

Speaking of real-world action, if you haven’t seen Phillip’s coverage of CommerceNext, go watch it now on our IGTV or via Phillip’s LinkedIn post. While at CommerceNext, he also stopped by Showfields with Emily Singer from Chips and Dips - to be released this Friday! Per usual, we got off topic and covered way more than we intended.

Fyi, Emily’s Chips + Dips email is a great resource for keeping up on the world of direct to consumer and digitally native vertical brands. Her most recent email, DIP 014, has some great nuggets - including her catch that Outdoor Voices might expand into maternity and children. This is a good move. There’s still a lot of room to help moms. More on this later!

Also, make sure you check out Phillip’s newest article on LinkedIn: Target’s Future-Proofing Strategy

Finally, we are about to release our video recap of eTail East - be watching for it later today on our IGTV.


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