Happy Holidays, y’all. Chances are you’re still full of tukey, riding the tryptophan high. Or full of... whatever it is you ate yesterday. Maybe pumpkin pie, from breakfast this morning? That’s the way to do it. 

Many of you are already hard at work, because it’s BLACK FRIDAY. It’s the time of year when brands throw out all their high brow, idealistic viewpoints and just sell, baby. The market is hot and there are numbers to hit. 

Just because you’re hard at work doesn’t mean you don’t have gifts of your own that you still need to purchase — or deals that you want to score! If you took a moment to read this newsletter during these four crazy days, we’d like to help you out with a few exclusive Future Commerce subscriber-only offers provided to us by some of our best industry pals. 

Whether you’re buying a gift for someone else or want to treat yourself, these are some Black Friday DEALS. The discounts included in this guide are from people who we admire and are doing incredible work. We’re thankful that every week we get to work with people and brands such as these and are proud to highlight them today!

Let’s do this.

Introducing Yotpo Grow: An Incubator for the Brands of the Future | Yotpo
Sir Dogwood is one of four featured brands in this years Yotpo Grow program, an incubator for  Black-owned SMB brands.

Yotpo Grow program

Friend: Tomer Tagrin

To start, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a brand from our partner Yotpo’s program, Yotpo Grow. Launched in May of this year, Yotpo Grow is a brand incubator program designed to partner with small businesses that are underrepresented in the eCommerce space. The first class of the Yotpo Grow program will support Black-owned brands. In each new class, the spotlight will change.

For today’s guide, we wanted to highlight AVEC, a minority-founded beverage company focused on drink mixers. AVEC believes your drink should be both delicious and better for you. They replaced your old favorite mixer - soda water, ginger beer, juice - with a new, guilt-free version. Go save 10% on their sampler pack with the code YOTPO10.

More savings from Yotpo Grow companies:

Karen Jai Home
Code YOTPO20
Discount: 20% off
Good through: 1/1/2022
Available for: The Accessorize category

Sustainable HomeGoods
Code YOTPO21
Discount: 21% off
Good through: 12/20/2021
Available for: Any of these tasting kits, coffees, or towels

Sir Dogwood
Discount: 20% off
Good through: 1/1/2022

The Muuv with Nuun bundle is everything you need for pre- and post-workout, or even on the go.


Friend: Ingrid Milman Cordy

If you’ve listened to Future Commerce with any regularity, you’re bound to have heard of Ingrid, her new Future Commerce show - Infinite Shelf, and the badass brand she works for - Nuun. This environmentally friendly brand eschews RTD (ready to drink) beverages and the footprint that comes with them, instead pioneering tablets and powder beverages that power probably every long distance runner in North America. We’ve powered through many races with Nuun coursing through their system - and your athlete friends (and you) should too.

Exclusive Future Commerce Discount
Discount: 25% off
Good through: 12/1

Item we love: Muuv with Nuun Bundle 

And let us tell you why: Is it possible to run and feel good at the same time? Probably not, but you’ll feel the best you can with a little Nuun in you. This is a great Nuun starter pack that includes multiple flavors, Sport tablets, Endurance powder, AND a dope water bottle, all which are oft-employed by the FC team.

Express yourself at the front door with a one-of-a-kind Letterfolk tile mat.

Pattern Brands

Friends: Emmett Shine, Nick Ling, Suze Dowling

We’ve waxed poetic about Pattern Brands over the past couple years - and having Nick Ling and Emmett Shine on the show is one of our favorite things. But Suze Dowling has been elusive. We’ll get you one of these days, Suze. Pattern made a huge shift earlier this year, from launching their own brands to acquiring DTC brands with talented and like-minded founders. We dove deep on this back in August with Emmett - we applaud their adaptability and focus on what makes them great. They are great, and their new brands are too!

Exclusive Future Commerce Discount
Discount: 20% off
Good through: 12/15
Available on to be used on products from: Open Spaces, Equal Parts, Letterfolk and GIR

Item we love: Letterfolk Tile Mat

And let us tell you why: Letterfolk is the newest addition to the Pattern family. It’s a home decor brand founded by Joanna and Johnny Galbraith, inspired by classic letter boards of the 20th century. The Tile Mat will look on point in any home - and be endless fun to customize!

This gift box from Bar and Cocoa is sure to impress, while being lighter on your conscience than it is on your hips.

Bar and Cocoa

Friend: Pashmina Lalchandani

Pashmina is a curator de la resistance, purveying one of the finest collections of chocolate in the world. When she joined us on the Future Commerce podcast back in May, she opened up about the challenges of running a niche retail business. This kind of transparency has us shook.

Exclusive Future Commerce Discount
Discount: 10% off any purchase above $50
Good through: 11/28
Item we love: Amedei Pralines Gift Box (25 pcs)

And let us tell you why: Woman-owned, bean-to-bar, direct sourced, Italian, filled chocolates. What more could you ask for? Taste you say? If that’s the case, we recommend just getting this for yourself. No sharing. All mine, my own, my precious. 

Unplug with the mindful and meditative act of puzzling. Picnic a la Plage from Jiggy sports 800 pieces so you can get your friends and family in on the fun.


Friend: Kaylin Marcotte

We love it when a company takes an everyday product and transforms it into bonafide art. That’s exactly what Kaylin did at JIGGY - she elevated the everloving crap out puzzles. She’s even sent blank puzzles to artists to become their canvas. In our view, art always wins the day, and JIGGY hit that note so well.

Exclusive Future Commerce Discount
Discount: 15% off
Good through: 11/29
Item we love: Picnic a la Plage

And let us tell you why: This beautiful collab with Anthropologie is going to make your Anthrophile friends go gaga. They’ll hang it up. Every day it will remind them that they’re already done with winter and ready for those beachside summer days.

You can blend just about anything in this steel shaker from Form, though we highly recommend you fill it with Form's plant based protein.

Form Nutrition

Friend: Damien Soong

Form Nutrition is the supplement company most aligned with Future Commerce thinking and values. They’re not just focused on your wellness as a customer - they look at their customers’ impact on others. This is ambition at its best - understanding and improving holistic impact. Damien Soong has proved the “strategies” that other brands consider “heady,” “idealistic,” “not relevant,” or “ineffective” actually matter to customers.

Exclusive Future Commerce Discount
Discount: 25% off
Good through: 11/29
Item we love: Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker

And let us tell you why: Form’s product deserves to be mixed with a shaker as fly as it is. It’s that good.

Tote bags are the new signal of community and affluence. Might as well align yourself with the most thoughtful swimwear brand on the planet, Andie.

Andie Swim

Friend: Melanie Travis, Founder

Melanie has created a culture at Andie that genuinely focuses on the customer first. Andie’s customer service team has spent countless hours with single customers, with conversations that ranged way beyond just selling products. As a result, Andie has passionate advocates that continue to pass the word along about why they love the brand.

Exclusive Future Commerce Discount
Discount: 10% off
Good through: 11/28
Item we love: The Comfortable Tote Bag

And let us tell you why: An actual swimsuit can be intimidating to gift. if you know your loved one well enough to pull the trigger - do it! For everyone else, this tote bag is a no-brainer for a day at the beach. Comfortable definitely looks good on you… I mean, everyone.

The Springline is a rope that helps limit a boat's back-and-forth movement while docked. Stay grounded with the signature blend, and put it on repeat by subscribing.

Springline Coffee

Friend: Joe McCarthy

Joe McCarthy is a longtime friend of Future Commerce who launched Springline last year as a testament to that Rhode Island maritime vibe. And they nailed it. Given that’s NOT where we live, it’s a perfect reminder of the joy of the early-morning New England coastline. I’m sure you know someone else who loves that feeling as much as we do (although maybe not as much as Joe).

Exclusive Future Commerce Discount
Discount: 20% off
Good through: 11/29
Item we love: Six Month Subscription

And let us tell you why: None of your friends or family want the chore of reordering their coffee… this is the gift that keeps on giving AND saves them time. 

Light on the planet, pleasant in the hand. Grab a Pela case for your iPhone or Pixel.

Pela Cases

Friend: Matt Bertulli

Phones are already a huge drain on the environment, and then we snap these very disposable, very plastic cases on them. That’s why we’re all in on compostable phone cases. Thank you Matthew H. G. Bertulli.

Exclusive Future Commerce Discount
Discount: 20% off
Good through: 11/28
Item we love: Forest Floor Google Pixel 6 Pro Wallet Case

And let us tell you why: Santa, these cases are on our list because - just like compostable cases, we're also into the version of Marvel's Hawkeye multiverse where everyone bought Pixels instead of iPhones. Ok ok, just give your friend whatever case fits their phone. The Forest Floor green with a card case is super on-point. We really do want these.

Only the very best CPG from Kendall and co. Go nuts with your next PBJ by elevanting your nut butter game with some Gooey hazelnut spread.


The Kendall Dickieson hookup

Not only can our friend Kendall Dickieson talk about peanut butter - or anything consumable - for an hour straight, she’s got all the best food connections. Here’s a couple Black Friday-only scoops from her:

Gooey Snacks: 15% on 2 or more of gooey
All Day Flavors
15% off spice force 
Good for: Today

There’s no way you expected these kinds of deals from us today. Thank you to our partners and friends for making this year special for our subscriberes.

Happy BFCM y’all.