Humanity has celebrated a total solar eclipse in a variety of disturbing ways over the millennia: from ritual sacrifices to surprise invasions. We here at Future Commerce HQ believe that commerce is culture—so, naturally, we choose to celebrate with a bougie (and boozy) gift guide. Spoiler alert: a lot of breweries named their lager and ale 'Totality.'

The North American solar eclipse will be the last for a long, long time—twenty years, in fact—so you might as well enjoy it by celebrating both commerce and culture. From humble Moon Pies to an autographed California Red, bottled by a literal astronaut.

Embark on this journey of refined taste and discerning choice, and transform your holiday gifting into a celebration of the extraordinary.

Editor’s note: By deliberate choice, we have no affiliation with the businesses featured, and we earn no commission from the products below. To support the ongoing work of commerce futurism, consider becoming a subscriber to Future Commerce Plus.

front image vehla eyewear kaia sunglasses in malbec / kahki

VEHLA Kaia - Malbec / Khaki Sunglasses

Recommended by Erika

Shade your eyes with the elegance of Vehla's Kaia sunglasses, blending Malbec acetate with chic Khaki lenses for unparalleled style.
Price: $200 USD

7 Food And Beverage Brands Offering Fun Specials For The Solar Eclipse

Smoothie King Eclipse Berry Blitz Smoothie

Recommended by Erika

Savor the cosmic blend of Eclipse Berry Blitz, a smoothie so celestial you'll get free glasses to watch the skies in style.
Price: ~$5 (Varies by location)

Lesser Evil Interstellar Cheddar Space Balls

Recommended by Erika

Is the moon made of cheese? Probably not, but you can pretend by eating this. Snack healthily on a galactic journey with Lesser Evil's Space Balls, where organic meets interstellar cheddar flavor. Best paired with a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.

Price: ~$4 ($12 for a three-pack)

Blue Moon Eclipse Sips Kits

Recommended by Erika

Hop (get it?) on over the moon with your cow buddies. Illuminate the night with Blue Moon's Eclipse Sips Kits, featuring glow-in-the-dark glasses and 'Moon Dust' for a shimmering beer experience.

Price: $25

Butler Winery Totality Dry Red Blend

Recommended by Erika

Immerse yourself in the depth of an eclipse with Butler Winery's Totality, a dry red blend that captivates like the celestial event. This dry red wine is a blend of Chambourcin, Foch, Villard Noir, and Marquette grapes.

Price: $20.00 / 750 mL

Blackout Slush Float

Sonic Blackout Slush Float

Recommended by Erika

Dive into the cosmic blend of cotton candy and dragon fruit flavors with Sonic's Blackout Slush Float, topped with galaxy sprinkles.

Price: $3.99

Jeni’s Ice Cream Stargonaut Collection

Recommended by Erika

Soar through the flavor cosmos with Jeni's Stargonaut Collection, where alien fruits transform into out-of-this-world ice cream flavors.

Price: $58/Collection

Ananya Rainbow Moonstone Diamond Chakra Collar, Citrine

Goop’s Rainbow Moonstone Diamond Chakra Collar

Recommended by Erika

Elevate your aura with Goop's chakra collar, a harmonious blend of moonstone, diamonds, and citrine, for those seeking clarity and creativity.

Price: $10,735 USD

OREO Space Dunk Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Limited Edition, 10.68 oz

Oreo Cosmic Cream Space Dunk Edition

Recommended by Erika

Blast off with Oreo's Cosmic Cream Space Dunk Edition, where chocolate meets interstellar cream for a limited time only.

Price: $6.55

Eclipse Beer Collab: Totality Black Lager — Rohrbach Brewing Company

Rohrbach Eclipse Trio Beer Collab

Recommended by Erika

Three Rochester-based breweries have teamed up for a trio of moon-themed ales. Rohrbach, Strangebird, and Threeheads breweries each have a respective take on the celestial and the divine, respectively: The Lighter Side, Totality, and The Darker Side. Pair with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

Price: N/A

SunChips Solar Eclipse 2024 Limited Edition

SunChips Limited Edition Solar Eclipse Chips

Crunch into the celestial event with SunChips Limited Edition Solar Eclipse Chips, where the sun meets spicy cheese in a once-in-a-lifetime snack.

Price: Free. During the total solar eclipse on April 8, SunChips will offer a giveaway for the entirety of the four-minute and 27-second event.

Torani Puremade Galaxy Syrup

Recommended by Erika

Galaxy Syrup transforms your coffee or cocktail with succulent raspberry and dark rum notes, perfect for sipping under the solar eclipse.

Price: $11.99 / 750 mL 

Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse (Twilight series)

Recommended by Erika

Dive back into the heart of the Twilight saga with "Eclipse," a tale as captivating and mysterious as the celestial phenomenon itself. Just don't watch the movies.

Price: $11.82 (Hardcover)

Blackland Distillery’s Eclipse Bourbon

Recommended by Erika

Savor the rare Eclipse Bourbon, a craft blend of white corn and malted midnight wheat, celebrating the solar eclipse with a unique toast.

Price: Available only at Seated Dinner Event.

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Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

Recommended by Brian

Embrace the eclipse in the warmth of Pendleton's Yakima Camp Blanket, where comfort meets the awe of celestial wonders.

Price: $199.00-$269.00

EclipSmart Solar Eclipse Glasses

Celestron Solar Eclipse Glasses

Recommended by Erika

Watch the eclipse safely with Celestron's Solar Eclipse Glasses, ensuring clarity and protection for your celestial viewing party.

Starts at $2.95

Moon Pie Chocolate Minis

Recommended by Erika

Bite into your own little eclipse with Moon Pie Chocolate Minis, where every snack is a sweet shadow of the moon crossing the sun.

Price: $33 (Variety Pack /

Land Grant Totality Black IPA

Recommended by Erika

Toast to the eclipse with Land Grant's Totality Black IPA, a dark brew celebrating cosmic events with notes of interstellar exploration.

Price: Available at Breweries in Ohio

Switch Back Beer Dark Side Stout

Recommended by Erika

Experience total darkness with this 5.8ABV stout from Switch Back. The 'Dark Side Stout,' a beer that balances sweet and roasty, perfect for eclipse night reflection.

Red Jasper Sphere Crystal Ball Sphere, 180-220 g Red Jasper Crystal Ball image 1

Red Jasper Crystals for Solar Charging

Harness the eclipse's energy with Red Jasper Crystals, ideal for those looking to ignite change and propel into spiritual evolution. (Goop subscribers, these are not safe for bodily insertion.)

Price: $29.93 (Etsy)

Tierra Luna Cellars: Cuatro Stellas (Autographed by José Moreno Hernández)

Tierra Luna Cellars: Autographed Cuatro Stellas

Recommended by Brian

Price: $69.99 / 750 mL

Tierra Luna Cellars introduces the Autographed Cuatro Stellas, a red wine as rare as the April 8 solar eclipse, signed by U.S. astronaut José Moreno Hernández, whose journey from earthbound fields to the cosmos symbolizes human potential.

Each bottle's sale supports transformative organizations like Space for Humanity and the Reaching for the Stars Foundation, blending the rich, complex flavors of the wine with a mission to inspire a passion for STEM and space exploration. Each bottle sold is a toast to our collective future in space and on Earth, fostering a global community dedicated to educational excellence and the boundless dreams of our diverse society.