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Divergence: 2020 in Retrospect | Future Commerce

Sucharita Kodali joins the show to talk about how 2020 forever changed retail and the world. this episode sponsored by. Show Notes.

New report details brands that will survive in 2020 | Future Commerce Insiders

In the words of Sucharita Kodali, a brand is a promise. In the words of Emily Singer, meaning is found in “producing good, and earning trust.”.

"Zucchini in a Cucumber Pile" | Future Commerce

Sucharita Kodali of Forrester Research joins us to talk about the unfortunate demise of Toys 'R Us and her new book, "Toys 'R Bust: Reasons One of the Country’s

Emmett Shine on Pattern’s Big Pivot

Forrester’s Sucharita Kodali on the development: “I’m skeptical.

Tracksmith: Unapologetically Premium | Future Commerce

In the second half: LVMH bids on Tiffany and Sucharita Kodali of Forrester gives us the low-down on 180-year-old brand. this episode sponsored by. Show Notes.

Tread Lightly: Coupon Blogs, False Advertising and the Role of the FTC | Future Commerce Insiders

When asked about rules regarding pricing manipulation and elasticity testing, Forrester retail analyst Sucharita Kodali put it plainly: "If [price manipulation by

What Makes a Brand Meaningful? | Future Commerce

Sucharita Kodali, who has been on the show. manytimes. , said that a brand is a promise.

Project Gigaton: The SMB and DTC Impacts of Climate Accountability | Future Commerce

Sucharita Kodali. joins the Future Commerce pod. Holly’s 3 C’s to Supply Chain Accountability. Want to hear what else is next in commerce?

Push Notifications for Chewbacca Bobble Heads | Future Commerce

Sucharita Kodali.

A Tale of Two Recoveries | Future Commerce

Three years ago, Sucharita Mulpuru called it in episode 41. Marketplaces are on the rise. 10% of Americans are subscribed Walmart+.