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AI Should Empower Your Workforce, Not Replace Them | Future Commerce

That's what you're seeing here.’" - Brian Roemmele. {00:30:06}.

#VoiceFirst | Future Commerce

Part 1 of 2 of a deep discussion with Brian Roemmele about how voice interaction (and other tech) will revolutionize most everything. Show Notes. Transcript.

Possibilities with AI and Bots | Future Commerce

Part 2/2 of a deep discussion with Brian Roemmele where he dives into more possibilities with AI and Voice. Show Notes. Transcript.

Flex Capacitor: Flex to the Future

- Brian. Swifties’ spending spree spurs spike. The Philadelphia Federal Reserve is pointing to.

Disruptors and the Defenders of the Status Quo | Future Commerce

” - Roemmele. {01:12:34} We are at the precipice of what this all comes down to, which is privacy and also persona. {01:24:07} How Brian Roemmele taught Alexa and

The Human Use of Human Beings | Future Commerce

Episode 20. from way back when the guys sat for three plus hours with Brian Roemmele. Check out. The Human Use of Human Beings. by Norbert Wiener.

Constraints and Limitations | Future Commerce

Brian, you've got to try this. Brian: [00:09:46] I will. Yeah.

Retail Tech Moves Fast, We're Moving Faster | Future Commerce

Brian Roemmele humorously tells us. that we're making the decisions of our own destruction: "Everyone who thinks they have job security, they don't.

"Blimp Commerce" | Future Commerce

Brian: [00:02:03] I'm Brian.

BONUS: After Dark with Phillip and Brian | Future Commerce

Brian: [00:01:42] I'm Brian.